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 order is perfect the first time.
  Since pianos may have
 different finishes and styles,
our desire is to personally
 assist you in choosing the best
 accessory for your instrument.

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Digital Thermal Hygrometer

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Digital Thermal

This thermo hygrometer measures both temperature and more importantly, relative air humidity.  By placing a hygrometer on or near your piano, you can gauge the effects that humidity levels have on your piano.  All piano makers recommend that pianos be kept at relative humidity levels of 40 to 45%.  With this hygrometer, you can better understand why your piano may be going out of tune, feel loose or sluggish, and much more.  All major components of the piano are made from wood.  From the soundboard to the bridges, pinblock and action, all require proper humidity.Monitoring a hygrometer will allow you to learn more about your piano.

Price: $35.00
including AAA batteries

Piano Life Saver System from Dampp-Chaser

System Benefits    Humidity and Your Piano    Recommendations

Grand Piano Systems    Vertical Piano Systems

Bondy Piano highly recommends the use of a humidity control system to preserve and maintain the condition of your piano.

There is no better or easier way of keeping your piano at a constant level of humidity, as recommended by all piano manufacturers, than the Dampp-Chaser System.

Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver Systems will help maintain regulation, tuning, and most importantly, the structural components of your piano.

Please phone for price quotes on installation of the system in your piano.


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