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We consider each and every order to be a custom order.
 We want to be sure that your
 order is perfect the first time.
  Since pianos may have
 different finishes and styles,
our desire is to personally
 assist you in choosing the best
 accessory for your instrument.

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Piano Rentals in New York, NY

Yamaha Piano, Piano Rentals in New York, NY
The Yamaha U1 upright piano

Bondy Piano offers its like-new Yamaha, Kawai and other select brands of uprights for long-term home rentals, with prices as low as $80-$150 per month.  Minimum requirement of 6-months, payable in advance. Short-term and grand piano rentals may be considered. Please phone for details. All prices based on in-stock availability. Contact us in New York, NY, for our piano rentals or piano services offered.


100% of piano rental fees paid during the first six month rental is applicable toward the purchase price of the instrument, and at the conclusion of the first 6-month rental period only, a 5% discount on the purchase price of the instrument is offered.
Following the initial 6-month rental period, additional 6-month rental periods may be contracted, payable to lessor, Bondy Piano, Inc.
At the conclusion of a 12-month rental, lessee may opt to purchase the piano with 100% of piano rental fees paid being applicable toward the full purchase price of the instrument.
Should lessee not exercise the option of purchase following 12 months of rental, no rental fees paid are applicable toward purchase, resulting in no accrual of equity in the instrument. Additional 6-month rental periods may, nonetheless, continue to be contracted.
3-year warranty of structural componentry (covering bridges, pinblock, soundboard) begins on day of delivery. This warranty does not cover damage caused by adverse environmental conditions such as extremes in temperature or humidity.
A minimum of twice-yearly tuning is required for optimum maintenance of the instrument. First tuning following delivery is included in rental fee, additional tunings are offered at discounted rates to rental customers. Only Bondy Piano technicians are authorized to tune or perform any type of technical service to the leased instrument.
During the time period in which the piano is under this rental agreement, lessee agrees that it will not be moved from its delivery location by any movers without the approval of Bondy Piano, Inc.
A valid credit card must be on file with Bondy Piano, Inc., and will be charged only in the event that an agreed-to payment is not made on the agreed-to date.
Lessee is solely responsible for any damage incurred to the rental instrument while on lessee’s premises, and agrees to inform Bondy Piano Inc. immediately upon occurrence of same.

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