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Reliable Piano Tuning and Repair in New York, NY

If your piano is broken or out of tune, it doesn’t matter how skilled you are; the music you produce on it just won’t sound right. This can be frustrating during practice and detrimental during performances.

At Bondy Piano, we offer the services you need to make your piano sound just the way it should. Our company is owned and operated by technicians and tuners with a deep background in music. That means when you turn to us for piano tuning and repair in New York, NY, you can rest assured that we’ll treat the instrument with the respect it deserves--and produce the high-quality results that only an expert could.

Emergency Service Available

Sometimes, people only notice faults with their piano during the last rehearsal before the big show. The damage could be from moving the piano. Tuning issues could happen with pianos that are already set up in the venue that you’re not used to playing. Whatever the case, you can take advantage of our piano tuning services whenever you need them most.

We know time is of the essence, especially for shows in theaters, restaurants, and clubs, or for sessions in the recording studio. That’s why we offer 24-hour emergency solutions. Simply reach out to us when you notice damage or tuning issues, and we’ll be there as quickly as possible. Our efficient piano tuning and repair techniques allow you to get the quality results you deserve right in time for your performance.

Optimal Piano Performance

The pros at our company, we want you to enjoy every note your instrument produces. To help achieve this goal, we offer a variety of ways to keep your piano at peak condition for every performance. For instance, we sell accessories like piano covers, cushions, and humidity control mechanisms that protect the instrument from physical damage.

We’re also happy to send you reminder postcards in the mail to ensure your piano tuning needs are continuously being met. If there are specific services you want, let us know. Our technicians offer customized service packages that allow you to get exactly what you need.

Contact us today to learn more about our piano tuning and repair services. We proudly serve customers throughout New York, New York.

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